God Must Hate Me Today!

I have had my fair share of those i-hate-my-life days but today... Today was a terrible day! It felt as though the whole world was working tirelessly against me. Literally everything was going wrong! So much that in the midst of all the confusion, I couldn't help but think, "Man. This would make for a … Continue reading God Must Hate Me Today!


Be A Ray Of Light

Have you ever had one of those days in which it felt as though you were carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Ever walked the earth feeling like a complete and utter failure - like everyone else seemed to have had life figured out, but you? Have you ever felt inferior in … Continue reading Be A Ray Of Light

Skirts only?

I love skirts! They are definitely my go-to. I have found that it is much easier for me to maintain a modest look in them, but they are not always convenient to my daily life as a college student. And so, I usually alternate between the two; skirts (...or dresses) and jeans. The versatility of … Continue reading Skirts only?

Rest Of Our Life

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a hopeless romantic -wearing my heart on my sleeve and waiting optimistically for my Cinderella ending. Most of us grew up watching Disney channel and are familiar with the barrage of Disney fairy tales. Like a sponge, I soaked in the whole fairytale scene. … Continue reading Rest Of Our Life

Should a woman pursue a man? #Its2018

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post in which someone asked if it was okay for a woman to propose to a man. It being 2018, it's no surprise that the majority of comments supported the idea. "There are no rules. Make up your own!" one comment read, while … Continue reading Should a woman pursue a man? #Its2018

Girl with a shell

I'm the quiet girl in the corner. The one who hesistates to speak before she is spoken to. The girl that is afraid to voice out her thoughts, despite having plenty to say. I'm also the awkward girl that never knows what to do with herself in social situations. The human being that is so … Continue reading Girl with a shell

Such Is Life

I once had a conversation with a friend in which we were discussing a mutual acquaintance and how well their life seemed to be going for them. In an effort to encourage my friend who seemed put down by this, as they were going through a difficult time in their lives -I made mention of … Continue reading Such Is Life

Salt and Light

If you are anything like me, you can't get through a bite of saltless food without inwardly cringing. It's like eating in black and white! And have you ever found yourself desperately looking for a light switch in a pitch dark room? Then you are well aware of the importance of these two things; Salt … Continue reading Salt and Light

Knitters Pride

I have always been amazed by the fact that every individual has a unique set of fingerprints. I find that little piece of information mind boggling. To think that no two people are alike is amazing! We were not made on a mass production line. God took great care in making us. Psalm 139 talks … Continue reading Knitters Pride